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Scheduling Mediation Just Got Easy!

Posted by John Millard | Jan 07, 2023 | 0 Comments

Most courts require mediation at least once, sometimes twice, during the life of a typical family law case. Try to get two busy lawyers' and a mediator's calendars to align, and you could end up in the dreaded twenty-email thread from hell. The frustrating back and forth just to get a date on the books is maddening! But scheduling mediation doesn't have to be a nightmare. At Armatys Millard, we simplify the process by letting you schedule a date and time that's convenient for you. 

With our Schedule Now button, you can easily check our availability and book a session from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. If you can remember, you'll be a few simple clicks away from having your session booked. Upon booking, you'll immediately get a confirmation email verifying all the details of your session. And, by using our "Add Guests" button, all counsel will get the same scheduling confirmation automatically, with no additional effort on your part. We'll even ensure that you receive automatic appointment reminders twenty-four hours and ninety minutes before your session begins. No more forgotten appointments! 

At Armatys Millard, we make it dead easy to check our availability and book your session. Here's a quick tutorial to help you schedule your mediation or arbitration.

Let's use a classic example. You're in court for temporary orders. The first thing the judge asks is, "Have you mediated"? Of course, the answer is no, so the attorneys are sent to the hallway to discuss who to mediate with and a date and time to get it done. You throw out some names of mediators, most of which the lawyers agree to, but the real question is whether your preferred mediator is available for a date and time that works for the lawyers. You could look up a mediator's number and call to check availability, or you could direct your staff to get available dates, but there is an easier and faster way!

Just type in on your cell phone. You're immediately presented with a "Schedule Now" button. Click it and you're taken to an intuitive, simple menu of choices for mediator and half or full day of mediation.

Click the appropriate option and you're taken to a calendar where you and opposing counsel can check availability in real-time. Find a date that works, click a time that's convenient for you, select "Confirm," and after entering a few Details about the case, you're booked

Within seconds, you and opposing counsel get an automated email that confirms scheduling and provides you with all of the important details about your session, including the date, time, location, and cost per party. There's even a convenient payment link that opens a secure payment page for you or your client to enter credit card information to pay the mediation fee. 

When entering case details, use the "Add Guests" button to ensure that all counsel receive automated scheduling notices and reminders. And, by providing us with the cause number and names of the parties, we can make sure we don't have a conflict. Select whether you want to mediate in person, via Zoom, or a hybrid of the two. Provide us with the type of case, and we'll have a draft mediated settlement agreement ready to go before the mediation begins. 

Of course, you can always call us and we'll be happy to help you schedule your mediation or arbitration. But checking availability for yourself is a huge timesaver and puts you in control of selecting a date and time that's convenient for you. 

Give our simple scheduling calendar a try. We think you're really going to appreciate how easy it is to schedule and how much time you'll save with what can otherwise be a nightmarish task. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About the Author

John Millard

John Millard recently served as Associate Judge of the 328th District Family Court, Fort Bend County. This experience gave John a keen insight into how Judges think, what persuades them, what annoys them, and, importantly, what information Judges need to make an appropriate ruling. John provides mediation and arbitration services for family law cases pending in Fort Bend, Harris, and surrounding counties. You can count on John's extensive family law experience and judicial wisdom to help successfully resolve your case.


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